5/20/2022 – Department of Rehabilitation Prime Contract Awarded

Patricio Systems LLC was awarded a prime contract with the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) to provide Project Management and technical expertise in supporting their mainframe discovery and analysis project:

DOR houses mainframe applications (referred to as CIDOR) within the California Department of Technology’s (CDT) IBM mainframe CPU (Z2) located in Vacaville. Per the Statewide Office of Information Security (OIS) Procedures and Standards Update (released in December 2019), statewide passphrase requirements (requiring 15 to 100 characters) will be implemented for CDT Mainframe Services in the CDT Managed Services environment in December 2022. This change will impact multiple CIDOR systems and all DOR Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) users. The DOR also receives mainframe data from the California Employment Development Department (EDD) on a quarterly basis and recently identified a need to analyze this data in combination with DOR data prior to reporting it for program purposes.

The DOR CIDOR systems include functionality for accounting, personnel, and asset management, and they interface with other internal DOR applications. At this time, the DOR does not have subject matter experts versed in DOR’s legacy mainframe programming languages (Cobol, PL1, Natural, JCL, ADABAS, TSO Screens, Panels/Skeletons, ESP jobs/datasets), and needs to ensure that the required passphrase changes are enacted and allow our hosted mainframe applications to continue functioning as needed after December 2022. The DOR also needs to develop a way to analyze the EDD and DOR data in the mainframe or convert it to a format that allows analysis outside the mainframe.



The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) works in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living, and equality for individuals with disabilities.
DOR administers the largest vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs in the country. Vocational rehabilitation services are designed to help job seekers with disabilities obtain competitive employment in integrated work settings. Independent living services may include peer support, skill development, systems advocacy, referrals, assistive technology services, transition services, housing assistance, and personal assistance services.
We believe in the talent and potential of individuals with disabilities. We invest in the future through creativity, ingenuity, and innovation. We ensure our decisions and actions are informed by interested individuals and groups. We pursue excellence through continuous improvement. We preserve the public’s trust through compassionate and responsible provision of services.