7/25/2021 – New logo announcement: Introducing Patricio Systems LLC new brand identity

We are proud to announce the launch of our new logo which is the initial phase of the ongoing evolution of our brand.  The new logo retains the essential essence and recognition of the original logo.  It is the result of the progression from the glowing electro realism to the trending simplified bold color look.

Patricio Systems has come to stand for technical expertise and commitment to our client’s success. We believe those essential qualities are what have earned our work recognition like the GSA award recently granted by the industry and the frequent referrals sent to us by our clients. But the nature of our technical world is constant evolution and reinvention. That means taking every opportunity to improve ourselves in order to stay abreast of the times, making us excited to announce a refreshed logo and brand treatment.

Existing Logo:

We have worked closely with local and industry brand and design experts to retain the essential essence of the original logo. We felt it important to pay homage to the clients and talent that have made us who we are today by retaining the blue circular shield element emblazoned with the Patricio (P). But you will notice the refresh has embraced the preference for simplicity executed in strong, bold color choices widely seen across most technology brands.

New Logo:

We understand that how our brand “shows up” reflects on our talent, clients, and future associations. The following links provide samples of logo evolution and a good job of explaining how the old logo had become dated and how the new logo connects us with today’s trends.  They provide samples of progression from the glowing electro realism (embodied in our current logo) and how design is trending to the new simplified bold color look.

Above is a list of external links.  Some links may have become invalid after the posting of this article.

To amplify the effect of our new logo, we have switched our brand font to Calibri because the font repeats the friendly people friendly rounded edges that the original Patricio P has always sported. You will also notice our brand approach to become more straight forward and clean.

Rollout of this new logo will be methodical and gradual, ensuring there is no impact to the services to our clients.